Civic Engagement

We regularly hold events and speaking engagements to inform community members about the events, economic needs, and humanitarian issues affecting Yemen.

In addition to these events, we host workshops that assist members in accessing voter registration and resources, encouraging the community to participate in elections.

Adult Education

We offer many workshops and seminars on a variety of topics depending on community member interest, including leadership courses, job acquisition workshops, college application support, and more.

We are expanding our services to offer Arabic language classes for the American-born in our community and English classes for the immigrants from Yafa who arrive in NYC.

Legal Services

We connect our community members with an attorney who can help them with the extensive and complex immigration process. This attorney also provides workshops on the rights of US citizens, how to handle being stopped by the police, and other topics that answer many of the legal questions new members may have.

Cultural Classes

We provide classes on Yafa history, lessons in traditional dance, and other workshops that celebrate Yafa culture. We believe that preserving culture means passing it down to the younger generations. Children attend many cultural events and classes, including our twice-yearly Eid festivals.