Civic Education

The diaspora is directly affected by ongoing conflicts in Yemen, so our community works hard to be able to send financial assistance back home to their family members who remain there.

We regularly hold events and speaking engagements to help keep our community here informed about the events, economic needs, and humanitarian issues affecting Yemen.

Eid carnival

Adult Education

We have held seminars in the Thomas Killman model of conflict resolution, and participated in a 4-day community leadership program on inclusivity, etc with a local high school.

We are hoping to expand our services to offer consistent Arabic language classes for the American-born in our community, and English classes for the immigrants from Yafa who arrive in NYC.

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Legal Services

We are able to connect our community members who immigrate to NYC with an attorney who can help them with the extensive and complex process. This attorney also provides workshops on the rights of US citizens, how to handle being stopped by the police, etc. 

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Cultural Classes

We would love to expand our offerings to be able to provide classes on Yafa history, lessons in traditional dance, and other topics of interest to our community.